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Vogtland Lowering Springs On Vw Golf V 1k 1.9tdi, 2.0tdi 35mm 950008

Vogtland Lowering Springs On Vw Golf V 1k 1.9tdi, 2.0tdi 35mm 950008

Vogtland Lowering Springs On Vw Golf V 1k 1.9tdi, 2.0tdi 35mm 950008    Vogtland Lowering Springs On Vw Golf V 1k 1.9tdi, 2.0tdi 35mm 950008

Vogtland lowering springs VW Golf V 1k 1.9TDI, 2.0TDI 35mm 950008. This product has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Vehicle: VW Golf v type: 1k 1.9TDI, 2.0TDI, 2.0 ...... year of construction of 10.03 to 09.08 lower: is approx.

35 mm maximum axle load: va: 1140 kg ha: 1150 kg. You do not know if the springs for your vehicle? Please contact us with the corresponding vehicle data. Additional Note: 1 = the amount of lowering is reduced by the amount of the factory lowering. 21 = all wheel / tire combinations approved by the wheel inspection bodies can be used.

The conditions in the wheel or report abe wheels must be met, with the exception of the requirement for Series chassis. Personal and telephone advice from our team, even after the purchase. With the sets of sport springs vogtland - - improve your vehicle: st. Asante optics with maximum driving pleasure. Whether in normal operation with a pleasant driving comfort or the border area with a sports stepless. The special driving dynamics is obtained through the innovative design of the spring. Shortening the stroke of the spring suspension requires special characteristic. Which is derived from the race. The spring vogtland compound consists of two different spring rates. A beginning and an end. These are specially tailored to your type of vehicle. The interactive characteristic curves guarantee a balanced ride comfort and enhanced driving dynamics, even with a sporty driving style.

The reduction from 25 to 60 mm. Increase agility and driving pleasure and discover your vehicle from scratch!

Lower the front axle a little lower than the rear axle. And you'll be amazed at how particularly dynamic wedge turns your vehicle into a set of optical power. E with only two springs for the front axle.

The amount of the reduction is reduced by the amount of the factory lowering. The measure of the lowering will be reduced by the extent of the sports suspension. Wedge-shaped: the lowering of the front axle is dependent on the equipment and the engine variant.

Wedge: the lowering of the front axle depends on the equipment and engine weight. For fine adjustment, use of plate spring pads Mercedes-Benz, which are available in different thicknesses (8-23 mm). For fine tuning, please refer to the solar collectors spring Daimler Benz available in different heights (8-23 mm). Reinforced version (intensive use) for vehicles with complete equipment and with more than 4 rolls. Heavy duty for models with full equipment and more than 4 cylinders. In vehicles with a brake force distribution depending on the load, a demonstration is required despite abe. A presentation is necessary despite the abe for vehicles with brake power distributor load dependent. Not for vehicles with level control / air suspension.

Without setting automatic / air suspension level. In vehicles with tiptronic, multitronic, increased lowering possible. A further reduction can occur on vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

Only for vehicles with full equipment. With xr3i, no further lowering, just a tighter setting. Xr3i not fall, only the setting changes sportier.

For vehicles with six cylinders, for example golf iii VR6, sports dampers conversion is recommended, included in the vogtland complete suspension. The 6-cylinder motor vehicles require sport shocks.

Not for: break, caravan, tournament, t-modell, touring, varying before, station wagon, traveler, (kombi). From the number abe 9138/2.

Use up 8.79 spring washers with the number: 171412341a. Until 8.79, please use the cap spring 171412341a number. Modified spring plates [and possibly other parts] should be used on the front axle. Either the plate spring with the reference vw 1h0412341 (large) 357 412 341 or a (small).

Plugs volkswagen springs [and probably other parts] may be needed: 1h0412341 (large) 357 412 341 or a (small). Shorter sport shocks are needed. The vogtland suspension kits are covered with such shocks. Not for standard sports suspension. Not suitable for series or sports suspension. Only front axle springs, torsion bars rear axle (or standard spring member). Only front springs, torsion bars (or standard spring) on ​​the rear axle. Only springs rear axle, axle torsion bars before (or standard spring member).

Only rear springs, torsion bars (or standard spring) on ​​the front axle. All wheel / tire combinations approved by the wheel inspection bodies can be used. All wheel / tire combinations are allowed and are published by the wheel type testing institution. The wheels approval conditions must be maintained except when a suspension is required.

Complete with adjustable trolleys, the damping forces can be adjusted on the front axle that once installed. Adjustable suspension kits vogtland are only adjustable shock absorbers at the front.

The specific vehicle tolerances may allow the stabilizer and the drive shaft to the touch. 968550000, stabilizer kit, without xenon. To complete chassis: elongated series coupling rods (vw / audi). Due to the specific tolerances of the vehicle, a contact between the drive shaft and the stabilizer may occur. In this case, it is necessary to install a modified anti-roll bar.

For sets of coils, use the reference. 968 550 000 (conversion kit anti-roll bar without xenon). For suspension kits, use a longer steering rod from your dealer vw / audi.

Struts va / ha (adjustable in height). Height adjustable on the front and rear axles (housings of threaded spacers). Va / ha adjustable in height (threaded legs will springs ha height adjustable damper more). Height adjustable on the front and rear axle (threaded housings of the front axle threaded spring perch on the rear axle and dampers separated).

Will only adjustable in height, spring ha u. Only adjustable in height on the front axle (threaded strut housings), springs and shock absorbers on the rear axle. With standard spacers needed tires.

May require the use of spacers with tires and wheels of equipment. The level of control should be stopped. The automatic leveling must be stopped. Cylinder height adjustable helical spring will, sports damper ha (ha adjustment via torsion bar).

Before the height adjustable (screw boxes), the rear axle is adjustable with adjustment of the torsion spring. Installed dampers can be adjusted once installed. The damper can be adjusted only when it is removed. The shock absorbers installed can not be adjusted once installed.

The direction indicators before (eg § 76/756) must have a minimum height of 350 mm. The front position lamps (§76 / 756, eg) must be at a minimum. Date 4/02 manufacture (thread visible piston rod) from 4/02 (coated piston rod of thread). For vehicles manufactured before 04/02, the piston rod is fixed to the support bearing with an arched disk (visible piston rod net).

Models built after 04/02, thread not visible piston rod. Use only for vehicles with rear shock m10 (1.0i, 1.2i, 1.7di).

Only for vehicles with rear shock absorbers mounted below with m10 (1.0i, 1.2i, 1.7di). Use only for vehicles with rear shock m14.

(1.4i, 1.8i, 1.3cdti, 1.7dti, 1.7cdti). Only for vehicles with rear dampers mounted below with M14 (1.4i, 1.8i, 1.3cdti, 1.7dti, 1.7cdti). Damper will: Complete damping the article number: 960 422, 960 423, 966 322, 966 404, 966 406, 966 407, 969 419, 969 422, 969 423, 960462. Partner Number: 966404, 966406, 966407, 966322, 960422, 969423, 960423, 960462.

The shock absorbers are suitable only for European vehicles. Shock only compatible with European cars.

With a diameter greater drive shaft to 42 mm, the max. If the diameter of the drive shaft is greater than 42 mm max. The approved lowering is reduced by 15 mm. The inner set on the front damper (between the fastening straps) should be 27 mm.

The inner distance between the mounting bracket of the front shock absorber should be 27 mm. The chassis number it is 10 jobs. For vehicles with damper 50 mm. For cars with 50 mm strut.

For vehicles with damper 55 mm. For cars with 55 mm strut. The higher vehicles (BMW - n °: 31331090467) should be used for vehicles of model year 10.91 to 5.92.

For cars built between October 1991 and May 1992 the top tether should be replaced by a reference bmw 31.331.090.467. Until 1998 (up to chassis number 8dx199999).

Until 1998 models (up wine 8dx199999). Coupling Rods 968 220, 968 221 needed for the reduction of more than 40 mm. Rod 968 220 management, 968 221 for lowering over 40 mm nessecary. Once installed the chassis, there is freedom of movement, check the tires for the strut is min. 5 mm and if necessary using to restore tested spacers. After mounting, the clearance between the wheel and the strut should be at least 5 mm. If it is smaller, you need use wheel spacers. Audi built up to 4.00, vw: year of construction up to 9.99. Audi modelyear up 4.00, vw: modelyear until 9.99. Audi built from 5.00, vw: built from 10.99.

Audi modelyear after 5.00, vw: modelyear after 10.99. Without 16v, spacing of the mounting holes is 52 mm. No 16v, distance from the support bolt before 52 mm. Without 16v, spacing of the mounting holes is 54 mm. No 16v, distance from the support bolt before 54 mm.

No rally, td, genty, ct, CTI, gti. No rally, td, genty, ct, CTI, gti. Year built until 8.04 without 2.0t, 3.0v6 cdti without ids. Modelyear until 08.04 without 2.0t, 3.0v6 cdti without ids. From the 8.04 year without 2.0t, 3.0v6 cdti without ids.

Modelyear after 08.04 without 2.0t, 3.0v6 cdti without ids. For vehicles with ocular fixation at the rear. For models with mounting eye at the back. For vehicles with fork to the rear. For models with a fork in the back.

Not for vehicles of model year 2004. Not for models built after 2004. Check fastening straps dimensions on the leg goes: hole spacing 52 mm; distance 23 mm. On the front shock absorber, check the measurements for the medium: internal width 23 mm, distance of 52 mm mounting hole. Only for wheel drive vehicles (4WD).

Only for cars with four wheel drive (4WD). Additional accessories of the vehicle manufacturer are necessary for vehicles with EDC. Reference engine BMW: 31331091709 bearing dome disc 31331116983, 31331110196 sleeve, rear axle reference BMW: Bearing 33521091710 support 33521090282 support cup, disk 33521092986, protective tube 31331137 932, elastomeric 33531091031. Additional ow equipment is needed on cars with EDC. Engines BMW partner number: 31331091709 rolling, ring 31331116983, 31331110196. Dust cap number BMW partner back: rolling 33521091710, 33521090282, 33521092986 washer, dustseal 31,331,137 932 bumpstop 33531091031. Shock sport (included) in combination with an air spring standard rear. Ow the air suspension is not withdrawn. A sports rear shock absorber is provided and used with pneumatic suspension. Not for vehicles with electronic damper adjustment.

Not for vehicles with electronically controlled damping. In allen vehicles before bj. We must use supports cathedrals fundamentally altered 6/92. Bmw Reference: 31336764947 bearing dome disc 31331116983, 31331110196.

Sleeve For cars built before 6/92, the use of different sets of working than the front is required. BMW partner number: 31336764947 rolling, ring 31331116983, 31331110196. Dustseal control of the damping force without ids +.

Setting the damping force without ids +. Additional accessories vehicle manufacturer are required for vehicles with level control. Reference audi: rolling 8e0512121e damper spring support 8e0512149h, 4b0512131q bumper. For cars with automatic upgrade, additional parts are required ow: audi reference number: bowling 8e0512121e, seat 8e0512149h spring abutment stop 4b0512131q.

Dedicated connector to the vehicle included. Plug and play model-specific adapter included.

Setting the hardness only on the will. Plug and play model-specific adapter optional. For vehicles with pneumatic suspension only. Only for cars with air suspension.

Only for vehicles with chassis abc. Only for cars with ABC suspension.

Wine: Turbo: 4la83740, s: 4la48416, v6: 4la01526 usa turbo: 4la93466, usa s: 4la6 & 74337, USA v6: 4la21527. Only for rear axle multilink. Only for multilink rear suspension. Only for rear axle twist beam. Only for rotating rear suspension beam.

For vehicles with Individual license (GOS) an acceptance according to §21 StVZO (individual acceptance) is required. Sets without available as export as articles. For cars with only one operating license (GOS), approval for §21 StVZO is required.

Sets can be ordered without for the export market. Comments in brackets apply to the complete chassis. Notes in brackets only for the kits.

We reserve the right to make technical changes. We are not responsible for printing errors. Subject to any technical revisions. Reserves the right to alter product specifications. We accept no liability for printing errors. The item \\ kits short springs \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.
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    Vogtland Lowering Springs On Vw Golf V 1k 1.9tdi, 2.0tdi 35mm 950008    Vogtland Lowering Springs On Vw Golf V 1k 1.9tdi, 2.0tdi 35mm 950008